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40th Birthday Party Magic

Over the years I’ve done all sorts of birthday parties; kids’ parties to 80th birthday celebrations and everything in between.  (Well, not a 73rd birthday party – still haven’t done one of those.) 

Here are photos from Ann Marie’s 40th birthday party at The Venue in Tacoma recently.  Thanks to Jan Domek for the super pictures.

See more photos at my Flickr site.

Learn more about entertainment for private parties at http://www.amazementproductions.com/parties.html or call Jeff Evans in Olympia at (360) 412-5064.


40th Birthday Party Magic

This past weekend was a fun mix of shows; a school assembly in Lakewood on Friday, a private party in Puyallup on Saturday and a 40th birthday party that evening in Tacoma, and a private party in Lacey on Sunday.  Yesterday I was in Toppenish for a school assembly. 

A big thanks to Nems Scarim, owner of Three Chicks Catering and The Venue, for sharing a great audio testimonial for me.  She’s been a big fan of mine for several years and has passed several clients my way. 

This photo was taken at the grand opening celebration of The Venue. Nems and the Chicks do a fantastic job and really know how to throw a party!

The private party on Saturday was for Nate with The Cart Doc (ink cartridge refills, replacements, and parts).  He’s a member of Saturn Barter.  I’m a big supporter of barter and belong to Itex, BizXchange, and Saturn Barter, all active here in Washington. 

Thursday I’m performing for the rollout of the new Microsoft Kin phone at the Verizon Store (on the Microsoft campus in Redmond). 

Friday I’m at the Red Lion in Olympia for a regional Lions Club convention, and Saturday I’m performing for Armed Forces Day at JBLM (that’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord for the non-military folks).

“…this staff party was ‘the best ever.'”

Last month I received a great letter from a client who had me perform for her husband’s doctor office holiday party.  She was thrilled with the show, and even mailed me a photo CD with pictures from the party.  Her story is one that I’ve heard before; people who have experienced a bad magician.   I asked if I should share her letter and she agreed. 

Unfortunately, seeing bad magic often reflects poorly on other magicians, too.  It’s a little strange, because when you hear a bad musician you don’t automatically assume that all musicians must be bad, but I think it’s because there are relatively few magicians.  If a person has seen one bad magician, they are leery of giving another a chance. 

“I wanted to share a story with you.  Earlier this month Bob attended a big 50th birthday party for another physician.  A magician was featured.  Bob said the magicians was excruciatingly bad.  He said that the entire tone of the event was adversely affected and all in attendance were embarassed rather than entertained.   He was already so very happy with the quality of your work and this experience made him even more aware of how well our party went because of you.

“People are still talking about the magic show.  As you know, I have done a theme staff party for over 30 years and I have been repeatedly told that this staff party was “the best ever.”  I think the audience participation of your show was one key factor in that assessment.” 
     -Pat Krick, Tacoma

Pat did a wonderful job with magic decor, table centerpieces, and Goody Bags for each guest to take home. 

Holiday Magic

Whew!  It’s the second week in December and I’ve already done ten shows.  Corvallis and Salem were fantastic.  Susan Adkins with Class Act Event Coordinators did a phenomenal job creating a Charles Dickens-themed event for the Videx company Christmas party. 

The Salem show was for the James W. Fowler Company.  It’s the third time in six years that they’ve invited me to be part of their Christmas party.  And, like Videx, it’s great knowing that there are companies that are not just surviving, but thriving in the challenging economy.  2010 is looking to be a huge year for them.

I picked up a top hat and scarf to fit the Dickens theme.  I liked the look so much it became part of my annual Christmas photo! 

Many thanks to my good friend and business partner Rick Anderson with Bruno Photography for taking all of my promo photos over the years. 

The hat and scarf are functional, too.  Last weekend I performed strolling magic outside for the Dupont Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony where temperatures were well below thirty degrees.  It’s the first time I wore long underwear tops and bottoms beneath my tuxedo, a wool cap under the top hat, the scarf, and was still chilly! 

  • Yesterday:  Frank Tobey Jones staff party (Tacoma)
         BizXchange holiday mixer (Seattle)
  • Today:  Lionfish Creative holiday party/Seattle
  • Saturday:  Olympia Country Club Santa Breakfast
         Tacoma Fire Department
         Microsoft holiday party (Seattle)
  • Sunday:  Bellevue Regional Library
         Microsoft holiday party (Bellevue)
  • Monday:  Bow Lake Elementary (Federal Way)
         Valley View Elementary (Seatac)
         Federal Way 320th Library Holiday Magic
  • Tuesday:  Lake Hills Elementary (Bellevue)
         Aberdeen Police Officer’s Guild
  • Wednesday:  Military Officer’s Association of America (Olympia)

Birthdays: from Baby Showers to Octegenarians

Birthdays can be a big deal, and last month I performed for several that stand out. 

Mike and Mary Servais of Shoreline met me while I performed a Family Night Magic Show for an elementary school.  They immediately wanted to book for their son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower. 

Elliott and Ellie help with a card trick

Mike writes, “Everyone loved the show, I’ll be in touch about booking you in the summer.  Please use us as a reference if you like.”

RJ and his wife Grace have had me perform for three (four?) of their fantastic parties for their kids.  First birthdays are traditionally big celebrations in their culture and they put on an amazing time.  This year it was held at the Indian Summer Country Club in Lacey. 

A wedding reception held earlier that afternoon happened to have the same color scheme as their birthday so they kept the chair covers.  Add in balloons, games, a DJ, wonderful food, and MAGIC and the effect was incredible! 

1st Birthday Party Spectacular

Last but not least, I performed for Mildred’s 80th birthday party.  This was held at a jam-packed restaurant banquet room in Tacoma.  She saw me perform at a friend’s 80th celebration a couple of years ago in Puyallup and loved it.  I hope I live to see 80, let alone being as sharp as Mildred. 

Now – fast forward to December and a VERY busy weekend approaching!

  • Friday – Corvallis, OR for the Videx company party
  • Saturday – Salem, OR for the James Fowler Construction party (a three-peat client!)
  • Sunday – private party in Olympia
  • Sunday – Dupont Tree Lighting ceremony