EQC, Microsoft, 50th B-day, +

It’s been a busy week!  Two shows yesterday (Microsoft party in Bellevue, family night in Woodinville).  Two shows today:  upscale birthday at the Seattle Tennis Club and a very fun 50th birthday party in Olympia.  At the kid’s birthday party I saw a new inflatable “ride” that I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of.  It’s a huge inflatable ball with room in the center for a child.  You can hold on inside and let someone roll the sphere around, or you can run on the inside and move the ball like a big hamster ball.  I love it!  I seriously wanted to try it. 

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Puyallup Spring Fair with my Science Magic show.   It’s open to the public and sponsored by the Puyallup School District at 4:00 pm on the second floor of the Pavilion. 

McLane Northwest recently had me add magic to their annual driver’s banquet at the Emerald Queen Casino.  It was my first time in that building since it was the old Fife Executive Inn – wow!  (It’s completely remodeled by now, of course.  The Puyallup tribe has done a fantastic job.  What happened to their paddle boat/casino?  I worked a couple of gig there…) 

Larry Stewart, McLane Section Sales Manager and professional photographer, sent me a full CD of photos from the evening.  Thanks, Larry! 

Michael, VP of Distribution, and I having fun...

This event was a full-blown magical evening; strolling magic during the cocktail hour, magic souvenirs for all of the guests, and my stand-up show just before the awards presentations. 

Photos by Larry Stewart

I’m always glad when companies decide to go with the souvenir magic tricks for their guests.  They’re going to give something away anyway (centerpieces, custom imprinted items, candy, something), and I know that many folks will go home and show a magic trick to their family or friends.  And, I only choose the tricks to give away that I love demonstrating.  The fun is in the presentation, and it makes a big difference between reading how to do something and watching it done right. 

Clean comedy. Interactive magic. Guaranteed fun.


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